Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Who doesn't love a bit of Spring??

Spring has FINALLY come to town and who doesn't love Spring??

I certainly do. It's that time of year where summer is just around the corner, you can finally put the coats away and get out those amazing jackets, change those winter hats to spring trilby hats, turbans, beanies and then of course put the sunnies on. Hhhmmm, this leads me to a very interesting point.

One website I was presented with recently is Spring. I almost spent half the day just adding things to my basket so I could have a look at them again later. I love the edgy-ness of the accessories that they have. It definitely works with my style. 

Accessories can add the finishing touches to any style.Because I love changing my style from one day to another (I can be boho one day and then chic another), different accessories work well for this. If I do not wear a hat, I would often have sunglasses on or if I haven't got my bangles on, then a statement necklace will do. I love online website that do a variety of different accessories and with Spring here, I find that the more the merrier. 

As I mentioned at the beginning. I could've spent the day on here. Here is my Spring Wish list. Please visit their page. They really have an amazing collection

Retro Steampunk Fashion Unisex Round Sunglasses Shades

Arte / Sainte
from KIN/ K

Leonard Tortoise with Blue Mirrored Lenses
from illesteva

Thomas House Check Cashmere Bear Keychain
from Burberry

Leaf Halo

All items on here are from the Spring website. Click here and enjoy - https://www.shopspring.com/women/jewelry_accessories/accessories

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